Sunday, January 31, 2010

International Music Video - "Girl from Ipanema"

What is Culture Shock?

Culture Shock is the name given to a feeling of confusion or desorientation that usually occurs when a person leaves a familiar place and moves to an unfamiliar place.

Culture Shock Stages

Research has shown that culture shock often develops in different stages:

1. Honeymoon Stage (Arrival Stage) - Everything is wonderful and exciting;

2. Culture Shock Stage - You start to experience difficulties with every day things which are different from home, such as: language, food, climate, etc;

3. Adapting Stage - You feel an urge to belong and you start to understand the new culture;

4. Re-entry Shock Stage - This stage takes place when you return to your home country and you realize that you brought back with you new perspectives about life.

Why an International Students "I Love Canada" Blog?

I have created this International Students "I Love Canada" Blog to share my experiences with others as an international student in Canada, and also to provide useful information to all international students, and students in general.

Furthermore, not only I want to disseminate information about culture shock, learning techniques, English language tips, but also I want to provide a sample of international music and dance, workout, etc, to help the student to cope with his or her every-day life.

If you love studying in Canada, feel free to send English language tips, international video and music samples, learning techniques, and whatever information you think it will help international students in Canada and worldwide.

Have fun with this blog!

Study and Work

Taking a full-time Public Relations Certificate Program at Niagara College, and having to work at the same time are not easy tasks. Even though I had difficulty dealing with so many assignments and work schedules in the beginning of the year; those are not impossible tasks to complete because I always organize my daily agenda. My hint to you is try to keep your student life and agenda organized on a daily basis.

Welcome to Fátima Lopes' International Students "I Love Canada" Blog!

Welcome to Fátima Lopes' International Students
"I love Canada" Blog!

Here is an opportunity for you to share your thoughts, your education, your photos, your feelings and your experiences as an international student (or a student) in Canada.