Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Way to the College in the Spring

Do you remember my way to the College in the Winter? What a difference it was in the Spring...

The Spring

After watching the snow all over the ground for months, I was astonished to observe the flowers blossoming in the Spring. How could they flourish beautifully just like that? How can their seeds survive those freezing temperatures? It seemed to me that "those seeds were sleeping in the Winter and they have just woken up in the Spring to flourish", and to greet people with their color and wonderful smell.

Mac Lab

Most of the time you could find a space at the Mac Lab to work on your projects. In April, I had to go back there to work on my internship project; I thought I would have the Mac Lab only for myself, but for my surprise: there were no space to sit. It looked to me that everybody was working at the same time on (end-of-year) projects. In April, the weather was getting better so students wanted to enjoy the outdoors. Because of that the Mac Lab was empty in the afternoons, but there I was on my own at the Mac Lab! It was a weird feeling being there by myself. I was sad to see that the year was over, no more classes, no more projects, no more meetings with my classmates at the College. However, it was a wonderful feeling to see that the weather was getting warmer, and the flowers were beautiful as usual.

Here I am again...

It has been for a while I don't write on my blog. It has been a very busy time since March...After College was over in March, I had to start my internship in April. Everything went well... I worked at the Multicultural Centre, helped immigrants there... It was a great experience! During my lunch break, I had extra time to check the immigrant's monument, and to take some pictures downtown Welland. Check them out: