Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Classroom Atmosphere

My classmates' picture. Left: Amanda, Suzanne, Fátima, Sharon. Right: Ashley and Kristen.

In my point of view, a proper academic environment (where students can learn and take the most of their studies) has to have some specific characteristics. A creative, relaxed, non-judgmental and prejudiceless ambience will help students to succeed instead of an opposite classroom environment. 

An ideal classroom atmosphere, where students do not feel intimidated by teachers, but, on the other hand, students feel motivated by them, should be an every-day teachers' goal. Teachers should not only help students to learn their subjects, but also motivate them to keep learning after they leave the classroom. A stressful ambience is certainly not a good environment to help students learn and succeed in their endeavours.

Making friends (in your classroom) will also help you to improve your learning performance because you will feel more confident. Also, you will be able to ask your friends questions in case you have doubts, and you need a hand. Additionally, making friends will help you to cope with the insecurity feelings of speaking to your classmates (or teachers during a presentation).

Yes, teachers have a great amount of responsibility for creating the ideal atmosphere for students to learn. However, you (student) should try your best to facilitate teachers' efforts to give you the best classroom ambience. Thank you to my good teachers who facilitated my learning by creating an ideal atmosphere; free of stress or intimidation.

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