Friday, February 5, 2010

Winter in Canada

International students when they come from tropical countries to Canada, they usually have a hard time to adapt to the weather. And that is my case, coming from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Sometimes, in Rio, we can have +30 C during the winter season, and still go to the beach. It is difficult to get used to the cold weather. Some things you should watch during the winter in Canada:

1. A nice bright sunny day with blue skies is not a synonym for a warm day. On the contrary, most of the time, the sunnier the day the coldest it is. Also, that does not mean that you should pack your stuff to go to the beach or the lake. Back home the sunnier the day the warmest it is. It is not like that in Canada, so dress warm all times, and carry extra clothes with you in your backpack because the weather always surprises you!

2. Never leave home with your hair wet. It seems something obvious, but it is not when you come from a tropical country. Back home, after you have a shower, you leave the house with your hair wet because it will dry in the middle of the way. It will dry even faster if you open up the window of your car and use that "nature blow-drier" - the wind. It is not like that during the winter in Canada. Your hair will get frozen in the middle of the way if you leave the house with your hair wet;

3. Get up at least fifteen minutes earlier than you would do in your home-country because here, in Canada, you will have to put so many layers of clothing that would take you, at least, extra fifteen minutes to get ready to leave the house. On the top of that, you also have to have time to pack your backpack with extra clothing, shoes, food, etc.

4. If you have to go walking to school, buy warm winter boots. Those winter boots usually don't look very fancy (or sexy), so take an extra pair of shoes to use in school, so you don't look like you came from the North Pole.

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