Sunday, March 21, 2010

My Classmates

First row - Nicola. Second row - Danielle and Brett. Third row- Sharon.

To facilitate your learning experience, it is important to have a good environment in your classroom. Having classmates you can count on, in case you miss a class, or need any help, is fundamental to your academic experience and success.

Also, having a good sense of humour, it helps you to cope with your regular stress in getting many assignments done. My classmate Brett has such a good sense of humour. Thank you Brett, for making me laugh.

Second row- (left to right) Alanna, Ashley and Danielle.
Third row- (left to right) Ruby, Fátima and Sharon.


  1. Brett is always good for a laugh.
    If we didnt have eachother (classmates wise) i think i would go crazy its nice to know others are as stressed as I am!

  2. haha Ashley is on her computer, as per usual, I love it!