Wednesday, March 10, 2010

How confused can an international student be? What is a Canadian Television Show?

My first weeks of classes, I spent taking the time to know certain cultural details that I was not familiar with. For example, I had another assignment for the Mass Media class: watch a Canadian television show and list all the things that made the show uniquely Canadian. While my classmates already knew what show they were going to watch; I was still trying to figure out which show was Canadian.

When I turn on the T.V., everybody speaks English, so who is American? And who is Canadian? I know how unique Canadians are, but how confusing that was to turn on the T.V and to find out which show was Canadian and which one was made by "Canadians' neighbors". By now you might be curious to know if I completed my assignment. Yes, I did, after finding out that Rick Mercer was a Canadian show I could reaffirm "The Wonderful Canadian Way" of making shows and comedies. How hilarious Rick Mercer is when he explains "The Government of Canada." (Watch the clip in my blog). How great that was to watch when he made fun of a true fact: "Air Canada having pets in the craft."

After watching several Rick Mercer's programs, I realized that there is no way someone can mistake a Canadian show for an American show. Canadians shows talk about real facts, people, companies in a very funny and sarcastic way. They portray serious matters in a very relaxed ambience, and in an amusing manner. And, to make it even more a real Canadian show, Rick Mercer's Program has to make fun of Americans in all aspects. It seems to me that a Canadian show, particularly a Canadian comedy, will not be complete, or funny, without having the comedian picking on such "Famous Neighbors" as the Americans are.

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  1. Well, you did alright there. You cannot get much more Canadian than Rick Mercer.