Sunday, March 21, 2010

My Way to the College in the Winter

(Pictures taken by me)

Believe me, there were days I thought I was going to freeze. It was not an enjoyable walk in the winter having to be in the classroom at 8:30 a.m.

Winter is very beautiful, indeed! Even more beautiful when you are inside your living room by a fireplace (with your boyfriend), having a glass of ice wine, and looking the snow falling through the window. How beautiful it is! But have you tried long walks when it is minus 12 or more? It is not fun for me.

Just a few days before spring came to stay...I started to hear birds singing. The snow is gone now, and my way to the College has become an enjoyable walk. Actually, a bird watching adventure. I have stopped few times, in the middle of my way going to the College, to observe the different colourful birds on the trees' branches, singing a variety of tones. How beautiful it is the spring from inside or outside my living room now.


  1. Yes fatima, the weather has been great for the past week that I resorted to wearing my spring jacket, and my cropped leather jacket. However with this messed up Canadian weather, i find myself wearing my winter jacket again, oh and don't forget the rain.

    Apparently more snow is headed our way; its already snowing in Waterloo.

  2. I had to walk home during the freezing weather conditions this winter. It was not enjoyable! I'm so glad that spring is here and I cannot wait for the adventures to come this summer.

  3. Canadian weather is very unpredictable and I think it is probably one of the worst weathers climates to bring an international student that is not use to the cold. I can imagine the frustration, being cold one minute then hot the next.