Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Time Management

Stress at school is usually tied to time management. The following hints are some strategies for time and stress management compiled by the instructional resource guide for teaching assistants (University of British Columbia, 2006). These strategies are also valuable to be used by international students in their daily lives:

1. Monitor how you use your time - You may be spending time on things that are not priority;

2. Plan your year - Remember that you have responsibilities. Try to complete some tasks earlier, so you won't feel the pressure all at once;

3. Plan the week - Write a "To Do" list and put your priorities first;

4. Plan some "free time" - Working too much can lower your productivity levels, so plan some time where you can do whatever you want;

5. Eliminate distractions - A place like the library can serve this purpose;

6. Improve your concentration - By setting short specific and realistic goals;

7. Overcome procrastination - By focusing on doing a good job versus a perfect job.

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  1. Overcoming procrastination is a very hard task. I always find there is something else I want to do then complete my assignments. Like when I should be doing my field research report, I am reading blogs.