Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mayor David Miller's speech at Niagara College

Picture: Mayor David Miller and Fátima Lopes, and Desk Publishing Teacher Paul Dayboll at the back.

I have to confess that I am a little bit skeptical about certain politicians' practices. There is a limited number of politicians that I would consider in "My Party of Trustworthy Human Beings". On March 11, 2010, on Thursday, the public relations graduate students were invited by the journalism students (who organized the event) to attend a speech with Toronto's Mayor David Miller. I had neither the idea how the Mayor looked like nor how his political views or practices were. When I entered the room (15 minutes before the scheduled time for the speech at 11:00 a.m), I did not know that the Mayor David Miller was already inside the room waiting for the students to come in. Mr. Miller was standing at the door talking to our Desk Publishing teacher Paul Dayboll.

I am usually a polite person, and I always say "hello" to people in the College (students, faculty, cleaning staff, security guards, etc). However, I was so concerned about not being late for the speech that I entered the room, and did not say "hello" to whomever was at the door. After I sat down, I realized that there was a man, at the door, dressed in a professional suit. He was following all the dress codes, my friends Mallory Peters and Danielle Purslow, fashion consultants, advise in their blogs. From far away, I noticed that the man was wearing a pink tie. I thought that man was the Mayor's security guard, but to my surprise that man was actually the Mayor David Miller, himself, standing at the door. How distracted can I be?

Anyway, the speech was very interesting; I learned many things about the Mayor's initiatives, political views, his family, and even his involvement with the C40 Cities - Climate Leadership Group (some Brazilian cities are also participating). After his speech, I had an informal lunch with him, my classmates and the journalism students.

Not only we do have many assignments to do every month at Niagara College, but also we have the chance to enjoy a good speech or a good lunch (once in a while). How busy a year it has been after all these VIP's visits: Prime Minister Stephen Harper, in October 2009; His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales: Prince Charles, in November 2009, and now Mayor David Miller, in March 2010.

Mrs. Geddie (our English teacher) might have the pictures with the Prince of Wales and the Prime Minister, but I only have the pictures with Mayor David Miller that I posted here. I think after having learned about Mayor David Miller's political initiatives, I can say that I will allow him to join "My Party of Trustworthy Human Beings."   By the way, don't get me wrong: I liked the Major's pink tie a lot!

Toronto's Mayor David Miller and Public Relations' Students at Niagara College


  1. I'm usually not a fan of Politicians and political speeches, but I thougth that Mayor David Miller was a great speaker, and you could really tell that he was being real!

  2. Who are all those good looking women with the Mayor?

    I really enjoyed the day. He is either a better actor than anyone on the big screen or a truly authentic guy.

  3. I thought it was very funny that you walked right by him walking in because you were late hahah. Unfortunately I wasn't present for his speech but I am glade that you all had a good time! And I agree with you, his pink tie is awesome! lol